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Quicken helps you organize your money to simplify your life.

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Quicken Cash Manager
Quicken Cash Manager 2016 (PC Edition)
For Personal Finances

Track spending & pay bills easily with Quicken Cash Manager, the easy, accurate way to manage your day-to-day finances.

Quicken Cash Manager is full of easy-to-use tools to show you where your money's going.

So you can control everyday spending, budget better and save for what you want most.

It's personal money management software designed to help you get ahead.

  • Windows 8, 8.1 compatible

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Quicken Home & Business
Quicken Home & Business 2016 (PC Edition)
For Business Finances & Investments

See where your money goes, monitor investments and manage home-based business finances with Quicken Home & Business.

Quicken Home & Business features all the tools of Quicken Cash Manager, for with smart money management.

Plus it has the business extras you need.

So you can easily organize & understand your whole financial picture... all in one place.

  • Windows 8, 8.1 compatible

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Retirement of Online Services and Support for older versions of Quicken

In an ongoing effort to provide reliable high-quality products and services, Intuit periodically retires (also known as “sunsets or discontinues”) older versions of Quicken, thereby discontinuing online services and live technical phone and email support for these versions.

Under this policy the most current version of Quicken, plus the prior year version, will be supported, subject to certain exceptions. Generally we will support a Quicken product for approximately one year after its general release date.

Sunsetting older versions of Quicken allows us to focus resources on enhancing our products and providing support for more current versions, which are used by the vast majority of Quicken customers.

Cheques & Supplies Cheques & Supplies

Now you can order cheques and other business supplies that work seamlessly with Quicken money management software.

Call 1-877-445-3233 to place your order today.

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